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WINDMILL is a revolutionary wind power and solar power plant. The features and advantages of this device are numerous, and we can point out: vertical construction, automatic wind speed adjustment, solar collector on the wing, use of airflow in urban environments,

As a home-made product, it is patented as the first and only current hybrid wind + solar power generator.
For the ultimate functionality, it is very important that the WINDMILL wings are printed on a 3D printer, which results in exceptional wax strength with reduced weight. It’s optimal for all kinds of projects, from small (private) to large commercial circuits in which multiple devices are networking.

The WMD PRESALE token is a digital equivalent of a one-priced reservation certificate with a prepaid pricing. Each WMD PRESALE token is released on the public Blockstore Greenstream platform to be fully transparent and controllable.
Based on the ownership of the WMD PRESALE tokens, the owner is entitled to the preferential purchase of the device.
The delivery of the first WINDMILL devices is expected within 120 days.



The price of the prepaid device is: 5.928 €
The regular retail price is: 12.581 €

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