The Green Town project is focused on the development and implementation of a comprehensive concept of full integration of ecology into business, which implies ecology as a basic principle to be applied at all stages, starting with planning and construction, hotel operations and integration of all participants from employee employees to guests.

The central part of the “Green Town” project is an eco Hotel with four stars capacity 200 beds and accompanying content that should be environmentally efficient, energy efficient, self-sustainable and independent. Minimizing the resource consumption and the amount of municipal waste with built-in sewage treatment and treatment systems will make it into a CO2 neutral hotel.

Ecological commitment not only will not affect but will also significantly increase the quality of service and comfort. Collaboration with the local population and suppliers on fair trade will improve the small economy of the island, primarily agriculture using eco-products in food and beverage production and other eco products to sustain the implementation of Green Quality Management as a business system, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) And Green Hospitality as a business model.By developing the concept and introducing

By developing the concept and introducing the concept of derived standards and ecology as a true commitment to business, we get a new concept that innovatively covers those segments of tourism that are expected to grow significantly, while also positively contributing to the preservation of the environment.